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Reworld™ by the Numbers

When it comes to the people we serve and the places we call home, we at Reworld™ are steadfast in our mission to do more and to do better—for them, by them, and with them. Always. Here is a glimpse into how we’re upholding that promise and leading the way to a smarter, more sustainable world.

Who We Are

We are leaders in sustainable waste solutions, composed of experts from every walk of life. What we share, is a passion for what we do, and for the contributions we make in building a more prosperous future for both people and planet.  
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We foster a community that attracts top talent, drives collaboration and encourages everyone to be their best, authentic self.

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We have a vast network of facilities, technology and industry partnerships that span North America.

Volunteer Hours

Our employees devote thousands of hours to community philanthropy each year.

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    Reducing Climate Risks

    We avoid 41 million metric tons of greenhouse gases annually, which is equivalent to:
    • The amount of CO2 sequestered by 48 million acres of forest, an area that could fully cover 8 US states
    • Removing 9.8 million gasoline-powered passenger vehicles from the road for a full year
    • An impact equal to half of the entire U.S. utility-scale solar installations
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    Renewing Resource Value

    We help businesses and communities reimagine what their waste can do, making a huge impact each year:
    • 20 million tons of waste managed sustainably, equivalent to the weight of 114,000 blue whales
    • 500,000 tons of metal recovered, enough to build 5 Golden Gate Bridges
    • 280 million gallons of wastewater recycled or reused, equal to 570 Olympic-sized swimming pools
    • 10 million megawatt equivalents of energy generated, enough to power about one million homes
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    Reinvesting in Communities

    We make a positive, lasting difference for the people we serve with our activities each year:
    • 36,000 meals provided to underserved communities
    • 2,000+ community engagement events
    • 33,000 American flags honorably retired
    • 300+ facility tours

Our Sustainable Approach

Being in the waste industry, we have an important role to play in helping address some of the greatest challenges facing our planet.

To successfully overcome them—matters like climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and more—it’s essential that sustainability is front and center in not only our solutions and outcomes, but in every area of our business. This is how we’re doing just that.

Reworld Sustainability Report 2024

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See the full picture of our operations and how we’re building a smarter, more sustainable world.

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