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Communities & Local Organizations

Your communities are our communities. We are committed to building a smarter, more sustainable world for all of us by making a difference side by side, all the while listening attentively and responding effectively to the public and our partner organizations.

A considered process that results in a meaningful impact

We’re personally invested in our partnerships with local organizations. That’s why we take a thoughtful approach to every project we participate in. We begin by aligning on specific goals with you, ensuring we truly understand the community’s interests and needs. Then we consider effective ways to engage people, and create a communication plan. Together, we know we’ve succeeded when communities see a real impact from the projects we set in place.

Community Outreach Programs

We help meet the needs of our neighbors and community members through clothing drives, food pantry programs, labor donations, event participation and sponsorships, litter cleanup and more.

Local Events

We are proud to support community and charitable events through active participation, financial sponsorships and more.

Sustainable Community Programs

We help communities prosper and work to combat climate change, through tree planting, urban gardening, community climate groups and more.

Green Education

We provide opportunities for youth to learn about environmental issues and sustainability, through scholarships, school programs, internships, tours of our facilities and more.

Sustainable Waste Management

We offer our expertise to help communities manage a variety of wastes, through programs such as battery, e-waste and household hazardous waste collection.

Flag Retirement

A formal and respectful process to dispose of worn-out or damaged flags in a dignified manner.

Dedication in action: helping communities thrive and prosper

See recent ways Reworld™ has worked with local organizations to help individuals in need, bring communities together, educate youth, advance social and environmental priorities and inspire sustainability in the people and places we serve.