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Safety and Compliance

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We’re deeply committed to protecting our workers, our surroundings and the communities we’re a part of. Our teams have worked to build a strong company safety record that we can be proud of, and we’re constantly monitoring our emissions to ensure we’re doing everything we can to manage waste responsibly.

Setting the standard when it comes to workplace safety

For Reworld™, safety isn’t just about programs or metrics. It’s an integral part of every task, project and job we do. Whether it’s sampling liquid from a truck, loading at a customer’s site or transferring material from one tank to another, every task starts with safety. It’s embedded into our culture, so employees and contractors know their well-being is protected every day.

Robust protocols that teams can trust, across every worksite

  • Life Critical Safety Rules: a set of non-negotiable safe work practices adhered to across the company
  • ProcessMap: our health and safety data management system, which provides valuable information on potential safety and health issues before they become incidents
  • Safe Work Permit process: pre-job planning tool by which workers evaluate potential hazards, take actions to mitigate them and plan for unexpected emergencies
  • Prioritizing tipping floor safety with tools that support strong communication and teamwork, including sensors that alert heavy equipment operators to pedestrians and lighting that establishes safe buffer zones

Taking compliance beyond federal standards

We’re not satisfied with the targets others set for us. We strive not only to meet, but to exceed federal regulations and EPA, OSHA and U.S. DOT standards for our operations. Through systems that help us recycle and reuse water internally, minimize emissions and more, we’re taking meaningful action to make sure we’re doing more and better for the people we serve. Always.

Protecting communities through our continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS)

  • Utilizes devices that continuously measure exhaust gases for certain pollutants, recorded on a one-minute basis
  • Measures sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and opacity, in addition to other parameters as dictated by state laws and the EPA
  • Gathers data that is measured against U.S. EPA and state limits
  • Allows us to monitor facility processes, including air pollution control equipment, and to make adjustments as needed

Our Pledge

Open, honest dialogue is fundamental to who we are and how we operate. We will always keep you posted about what we’re doing and all the important ways it might affect your communities.

The latest in safety and compliance