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ReDirect360™ Zero Waste-to-Landfill Solutions

Sending zero waste to landfills is an ambitious goal, made absolutely achievable. Through our ReDirect360™ zero waste-to-landfill solutions, we help businesses and communities manage every facet of their waste streams and redirect their inherent liabilities, environmental challenges and financial considerations into sustainable outcomes that benefit both world and wallet.

Diverting waste while converting value

Zero waste-to-landfill solutions divert entire waste streams from landfill disposal, reducing the negative environmental and societal impacts of burying garbage. These solutions not only benefit people and protect green spaces, but also help businesses meet their environmental targets, cut long-term waste management costs and more.

Helping your business zero in on meaningful benefits

  • Reduces future liability from long-term presence of waste in landfills, mitigating financial risk
  • Uncovers unrealized value through the recycling and reuse of resources, including metal, water and ash
  • Supports compliance with supply chain requirements
  • Meets consumer demands for sustainably produced products, helping you grow market share

Solutions for any environmental challenge, at any scale

With our vast network of diverse partnerships, unrivaled expertise and industry-leading technology, we’re the right partner to get you to zero and beyond. Using our end-to-end capabilities, we will help you meet and surpass your sustainability goals.
Waste stream audits

Our most innovative thinking put toward a complete review of your organization’s waste streams and recyclables, providing insights and identifying room for improvement.

Sustainable strategy consulting

Development of sustainable strategies with realistic goals and clearly defined KPIs.

Wastewater treatment

Efficient process for all types of liquid waste, resulting in salvageable metals and oils and clean water that can be reused in other operations or returned to the water cycle.

Resource reuse and recycling

Innovative techniques to deliver unrealized value through reuse and recycling of metals, plastic, e-waste and more.

Renewable fuel and energy recovery

Generation of alternative fuel, steam and electricity through state-of-the-art technology that extracts salvageable resources for recycling and processes the remains into low-carbon propellants ideal for cement and lime kilns, or carbon-negative energy for local use.

Guidance on third-party verification

Advice on selecting a verification organization to gain accountability for your efforts, credibility in the marketplace, and trust with communities and customers.

Did you know?

Consumer goods company Unilever saved more than $260 million in disposal costs by diverting 100% of its non-hazardous waste, according to the manufacturer’s sustainable living report.


Learn more about this sustainable waste practice

Get more details on shifting to zero waste-to-landfill solutions to extract maximum value from your waste streams while protecting the planet.

19 M
tons of waste diverted from landfills annually
41 M
metric tons of greenhouse gas avoided, relative to landfilling
Metals Recovery-TEAL
500 k
tons of metals recovered each year
Wastewater Recycled-TEAL
280 M
gallons of wastewater recycled or reused annually

The green benefits of a zero waste-to-landfill approach

  • Reduces uncontrolled methane emissions
  • Protects soil and groundwater from contamination by chemicals and pollutants leached from landfills
  • Preserves wildlife habitats from landfill expansion
  • Decreases impacts to environment from trucking waste great distances

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