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Retail and Consumer Brands

When you’re in the business of producing or selling goods, planning for the end of a product’s lifecycle is critical. Reworld™ can safely and quickly remove off-spec or unsellable products from distribution, protecting the public and your brand while mitigating impacts on the environment.

Coordinating all the moving parts of responsible product disposal

Whether you’re tasked with a product recall, off-spec item destruction or expired product removal, we’ve got your back with solutions that mitigate liability and reputational damage. Plus, you can rest assured that our innovative methods will help you meet—and in some cases, even surpass—your sustainability goals.

Secure Disposal

Discreet process that includes monitored handling, real-time tracking and witnessed and certified destruction of materials through a controlled incineration process.

Advisory & Consultation

Support with moving toward a circular economic model through comprehensive, sustainable solutions that help mitigate risk, reduce costs and optimize value.

Resource Reuse & Recycling

Includes efficient and secure depackaging of food items, cleaning products and other “not to be sold” goods, plus solutions for repurposing both solid and liquid products and their packaging.

ReDirect360 Zero Waste-to-Landfill Solutions

End-to-end, tailored solutions that divert waste from landfill disposal to drive sustainability and protect companies, communities and the environment.

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