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Between crop residues, animal byproducts, pesticides, herbicides, packaging and more, the agriculture industry produces a diverse set of waste streams that pose unique challenges. To manage these materials effectively and sustainably, you’ll need solutions of an equal or greater breadth.

Comprehensive and Complete

We offer a wide scope of sustainable, end-to-end solutions that can handle waste streams of any makeup or magnitude. No matter the challenge at hand, Reworld™ is able to reduce the impact of your agricultural waste and help you discover opportunities to safely reuse and recycle your resources or transform them into renewable fuel or energy.  

ReDrop Wastewater Solutions

Chemical and physical treatment that separates water from contaminants for reuse, recycling, energy recovery or reintroduction into nature.

Industrial & Field Remediation

Site evaluations and waste profiling, emergency remediation and pump-outs, wastewater and hazmat hauling, and a number of other preventative and responsive maintenances.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Meticulous, end-to-end services that manage the treatment, handling and final disposal of lab packs, corrosives, flammables, pesticides and a number of other toxic materials.

ReKiln Fuels Engineered Solutions

Transforms unsalvageable waste materials into tailored, low-carbon fuels ideal for cement and lime kilns, powerplants, paper mills and more.

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