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ReKiln Fuels™ Engineered Solutions

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Not all waste streams can be reused or recycled, but that doesn’t mean they need to be doomed to landfill disposal. Through ReKiln Fuels™, our cutting-edge alternative fuel solutions, we reimagine these “unsalvageable” materials into fully customized, low-carbon fuels that are ideal for cement and lime kilns, powerplants, paper mills and more.

Turn unavoidable refuse into an invaluable resource.

ReKiln Fuels™, our renewable fuel creation solution, diverts post-recycled waste streams from entering the environment and transforms them into a sustainable propellant that’s engineered to users’ specific system needs.  As a result, this product not only burns cleaner than its fossil fuel counterparts, but it also burns far more efficiently too.

Extract the most value possible from your materials.

Through ReKiln Fuels™, you’ll benefit from end-to-end services that turn landfill-destined waste and all of its risks into value creation opportunities.
Ultimate resource optimization

Renewable creation of low-carbon, customized fuel from post-recycled, unsalvageable waste that supports landfill avoidance goals.

A fully engineered product

Designed to meet specific combustion needs and serve as a more efficient and sustainable fuel source.

Emission mitigation

Fossil fuel replacement that helps cement and lime kilns, power plants, paper mills and more mitigate the amount of CO2, sulfur and nitrogen oxide that gets released into the atmosphere.

An asset to recycling goals

Recovers ferrous and non-ferrous metal components too fine or complex for standard recycling sorting systems.

Confidential data capture and care

Discreet and reliable service, including transparent tracking, reporting, and insights, that provides clarity and protects customers.

Streamlined, closed-loop advancement

Synergy of post-recycled waste management with other solution lines to uncover new sustainability opportunities that move customers up the waste hierarchy and drive circularity.

Offering comprehensive support for diverse waste management

We can transform a wide variety of waste materials into alternative engineered fuel. Some of the most common streams of post-recycled waste include:

  • Thin film plastics
  • Packaging scrap
  • Waxy cardboard
  • Foam insulation
  • Low Chlorine Plastics Flake
  • Tire and Rubber Waste
  • Biomass
  • Tissue
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Learn more about the advantages of alternative fuel

Read our article for more details on alternative engineered fuel creation and how it can be leveraged to benefit the environment and business.

See what happens inside our alternative fuel production facilities

Find out more about the technology and expertise behind ReKiln™ Fuels and the benefits of these alternative fuel products.

How we prioritize healthy people, safe workspaces, and a thriving planet

  • Safety-TEAL


    Waste is carefully and completely destroyed, eliminating hazards that harm ecosystems, threaten communities and negatively impact plant, animal and human health.

  • Profit-TEAL


    Waste is effectively and economically separated into recoverable components or processed into a customized fuel product, offsetting raw material costs, opening channels for new revenue and spurring material rebates.

  • Sustainability-TEAL


    Waste is efficiently and environmentally destroyed and transformed into low-carbon fuels, creating cycles that optimize resource value, reduce carbon footprints and regenerate ecosystems.

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