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Energy & Utilities

Waste can impede the performance of nearly every industry. When an industry provides essential services, like the energy and utilities sector, that can be especially problematic. Luckily, Reworld has the technology and scale to ensure operations never skip a beat due to waste, no matter the circumstances. We’ll even reduce waste’s environmental impact and help you find ways to recycle and reimagine it to reduce its financial impact too.

Comprehensive and Complete

Because the energy and utilities industry plays such a crucial role in everyday infrastructure, derailing operations to deal with waste and its intricacies is not an option. Thanks to our comprehensive suite of solutions, that scenario never has to happen. We can manage any and every available waste stream from start to finish, ensuring they’re safely treated and repurposed into resources that support your emission reduction goals as much as your bottom line.

ReDrop Wastewater Solutions

Chemical and physical treatment that separates water from contaminants for reuse, recycling, energy recovery or reintroduction into nature.

Industrial & Field Remediation

Site evaluations and waste profiling, emergency remediation and pump-outs, wastewater and hazmat hauling, and a number of other preventative and responsive maintenances.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Meticulous, end-to-end services that manage the treatment, handling and final disposal of lab packs, corrosives, flammables, pesticides and a number of other toxic materials.

Renewable Energy Recovery

Diverts unsalvageable waste from landfills by transforming it into renewable, carbon-negative energy that powers businesses and homes.

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