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Supplier Relations


Committed to upholding the highest standards in our strategic sourcing and procurement processes

Supplier Relationship Management

We commit to the following protocols in our interactions with suppliers and their representatives:

  • Provide prompt and courteous reception, as well as fair and equal treatment, to all suppliers and their representatives
  • Develop specifications to foster competition in a fair and equitable manner
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all specifications and price quotations provided by suppliers
  • Decline to exploit supplier errors to Reworld™’s economic advantage
  • Support suppliers in their efforts to respond to all company inquiries
  • Request only the information from suppliers that is required for a procurement analysis
  • Avoid making implied commitments to any supplier
  • Require all suppliers to maintain fairness and integrity in their dealings with us

Supplier Sustainability

We are committed to supplier sustainability. We strive to work with suppliers who:

  • Produce products using renewable energy
  • Produce products made from recycled materials
  • Produce products that are recyclable
  • Have a published waste reduction/recycling program
  • Have a published energy conservation program
  • Participate in a certified renewable energy or carbon offset program

Supplier Diversity

We are committed to supplier diversity and enhancing business opportunities for small, minority and disadvantaged suppliers. Prospective suppliers who align with one or more of these categories are encouraged to present their company by filling out the Supplier Form.
We recognize and promote the following business affiliations:
  • Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE)*
  • Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE)*
  • Emerging Small Business Enterprise
  • Disadvantaged Business*
  • Veteran*

* Must include copy of certification with submission

Code of Conduct

At Reworld™, our business is to provide sustainable solutions to companies and communities facing the world’s toughest environmental problems in the areas of waste and materials management. Our businesses are heavily regulated and scrutinized. We subscribe to a philosophy of environmental responsibility that goes beyond compliance to achieve environmental protection, conservation, qualification and commitment. Our personnel follow strict ethical standards of behavior when conducting all dealings with our supply base.

professional services

Conflicts of Interest

In all our business dealings with clients, partners, suppliers, consultants and other companies, employees are instructed to avoid favoritism and conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest arises when a person’s duties or position presents an opportunity for personal gain or when personal interests could influence a person’s professional judgment. Reworld™ employees are expected to exercise good judgment and to refrain from engaging in conduct that would embarrass the company, compromise its reputation or otherwise raise questions about our honesty and impartiality.

When we are faced with, or become aware of, a possible conflict of interest, we make a prompt and full disclosure to our General Counsel or the audit committee of our board of directors.

During the bidding process, the supplier or contractor must be treated the same as any other supplier. We provide the same information to all bidders to allow the chosen supplier to be selected fairly. Supporting RFQ and supplier quotation, bid-tab documentation must show that the bidding process was performed fairly and correctly.

Gifts and Entertainment

Suppliers are prohibited from providing, directly or indirectly, anything of economic value in which the intention is to influence or interfere with business decisions or the awarding of contracts.

Receiving Gifts and Entertainment from Suppliers:
  • Reworld™ employees are instructed to refuse gifts totaling more than $150 in any given year from any supplier or customer. Any gifts exceeding this amount should be returned to the donor.
  • If the circumstances would make the return of such a gift detrimental to our interests, the General Counsel will be consulted immediately for a decision on the proper course of action.
  • With respect to entertainment, the same criteria as noted above apply. Reworld™ employees are discouraged from accepting social invitations where the cost is lavish or extreme and that are intended to influence or interfere with business decisions.