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21 Million +

Tons of waste diverted from landfill annually

1.1 Million +

Tons of material reused or recycled annually


Tons of metal recovered from waste

100 Million +

Gallons of wastewater recycled annually

Protecting Tomorrow
by Driving
Sustainability Today

Working toward a better, more sustainable tomorrow for our employees, our communities and our planet is at
the heart of what we do. With the damaging impacts of global climate change being felt everywhere, our
mission is more important than ever.

Our business is sustainability, and our work directly helps
enable a bright future for our communities and planet alike.

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Our Commitments: Where We Are Going

Just as we’re proud of our achievements, we’re also excited about the future and committed to continually improving. Our goals drive us to innovate, grow and challenge ourselves to reach new heights as we seek to ensure no waste is ever wasted. To us, sustainability isn’t just the business we’re in, it’s also the lens through which we view the world and our place in it. It’s not enough to achieve environmental gains, we must confront the societal and market forces that impact our business and clients as well. Our goals include:

child holding up sign that reads,

Mitigating Environmental Impacts

Since 2009, we have reduced emissions at our Waste-to-Energy facilities by up to 50 percent. We pledge to further reduce emissions, prioritizing environmental justice communities through the implementation of five projects by 2023.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Reaching the levels of reductions that we need by mid-century to stem the most significant impacts of climate change requires innovative thinking. We are working to set a science-based greenhouse gas reduction target and implementation plan by 2022.

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that embraces the unique talents, perspectives and experiences of our employees at all levels of the organization, with an emphasis on leadership positions.

Our Sustainability Report:
A commitment to transparency

Our commitment to creating a better tomorrow goes beyond lofty goals and resting on the laurels of
previous achievements. Our Sustainability Report employs an open-book approach not standard in
our industry, designed to build trust among our investors, employees and the communities we serve.