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600 Merchants Concourse
Westbury, NY 11590

Facility Alert

On Thursday April 6, Covanta Plymouth proactively removed a unit from service and reduced processing in the other unit due to some necessary repairs. The reductions were made to avoid the necessity of venting excess steam to atmosphere. Later that evening, when attempting to reconnect to the local utility, all power was lost at the facility. Power was restored at the site approximately 24 hours later. We are currently evaluating plant electrical systems and making necessary repairs prior to the units being restarted. A full investigation of the incident has been completed, click on the link below to see the brief summary of the findings.

Reducing Landfill Waste

Located in Westbury, New York, Reworld™ Hempstead is an award-winning Thermomechanical Treatment Facility that serves the Town of Hempstead and Long Island with reliable and sustainable waste management. Every year, our facility processes more than 1,010,000 tons of waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

In addition to keeping waste out of landfills, Reworld™ is committed to ensuring safe operations and minimizing environmental impacts. We have been consistently recognized for exceptional operations, including OSHA’s stringent Voluntary Protection Program Star certification.

We are an active community partner and support a range of initiatives such as Wreaths Across America and encouraging STEM education for local students. The facility also launched an American Flag retirement program in collaboration with local veteran groups. The program retires old and worn flags in accordance with the U.S. flag code.

Our Facility’s Annual Impact

  • Methane2-BLUE

    Less waste in landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 887,000 metric tons of CO2. That’s like taking 190,000 passenger vehicles off the road for one year.

  • Energy-BLUE

    We produce 72 megawatts of electricity 24/7 with our Waste-to-Energy process - enough to power 55,000 homes for a year.

  • Metals Recovery-BLUE

    We also recover 35,600 tons of metal for recycling annually - enough to build 26,000 cars.

Environmental Performance

We care about our communities and operate well below emissions limits. Over 99.9 percent of what comes out of our plant’s stack is what you’d typically find in air - water vapor, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The remaining constituents are well below federal and state standards.

  1. Permit Limits are derived from USEPA standards for Large Municipal Waste Combustors (40 CFR 60, Subparts A, Cb and Eb).
  2. CO values are the maximum 4-hr block average for that day.
  3. SO2 and NOx values are the daily (24-hr) block averages for that day.
  4. Opacity values are the maximum 6-minute average for that day.
  5. All emission values reported in units consistent with the permit:
  6. CO, SO2 and NOx reported as parts per million, dry gas basis at 7% O2 (ppmdv7), Removal Efficiency and Opacity as %.
  7. SO2 compliance is based on concentration (ppm) or removal efficiency (% reduction between inlet and outlet emissions).
  8. The dash symbol (-) indicates that a unit is off-line, has insufficient data for a compliance period or is in an exempted period.

*Results are provided for informational purposes only. Data is posted 24 hours after completion of each day to allow for quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) review.

Join the team at Reworld™ Hempstead

Join our team for a rewarding career partnering with colleagues, customers, and communities to solve one of society’s greatest challenges. At Reworld™, innovation is encouraged and everyone’s ideas are valued.