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What to Know About Wastewater Treatment

Although wastewater is an easily generated byproduct of nearly every industry, its treatment and recycling process is anything but that. Knowing some key details about its challenges can go a long way.


The Applications and Advantages of Alternative Fuel

Companies are under significant pressure to reduce their impact on the environment and be good corporate citizens. One excellent way to do this is to process certain waste streams into alternative fuels, also known as alternative engineered fuels (AEFs).


Hazardous Waste Regulations, Risks and Recycling Opportunities

If your business generates hazardous waste, you likely have numerous questions about how to properly manage it. Are you disposing of the waste properly? Are you complying with regulations and minimizing potential risks?

Case Study

Powering a Circular Economy

The city of Niagara Falls, New York, is best known for a natural wonder, but it is also home to an excellent example of a circular economy, anchored by a variety of sustainable materials management technologies.


How Goods and Commodities Producers Create Value from Waste

In order to meet the public’s growing demand for more environmentally friendly products and services, producers within the goods and commodities markets have begun to evolve their linear supply chains into more circular models.


No Time to Waste: How You Can Help Accelerate the Sustainability Movement

It's not unusual to feel that, as an individual, you can't really make a difference in the fight against climate change. But many sustainability experts don't share that mindset. Rather than sit on the sidelines and hope for the best, they say now is the time to act.


Walking the ESG Talk

No longer can businesses treat Environmental, Social and Governance as little more than a marketing tool, or brazenly proclaim “sustainability” without putting in the legwork. Effective and verifiable ESG policies will soon be essential to a company’s reputation and financial well-being.


Understanding Your Liquid Waste Disposal Options

While liquid waste is an unavoidable byproduct of almost every manufacturing process, many organizations still struggle to understand how to dispose of it safely and compliantly. But doing so is essential to protecting your business, your community and the environment.

Case Study

Superior Essex: Attaining Superior Sustainability with the Right Partners

The road to zero waste-to-landfill certification is neither quick nor easy, but paved with challenges. See what Superior Essex, a global leader in magnetic wire manufacturing, did to turn their disposal setbacks into sustainability achievements.

Case Study

Parker - Setting the Pace for Sustainability

Sometimes one spark is all that it takes to ignite positive change throughout even the biggest of organizations. See what Parker, a leader in motion and control technologies, did at one of their sites to pursue zero waste-to-landfill, get the attention of leadership and inspire the rest of their global company to become more sustainable.

Case Study

Fareva: Dishing Out a Big Dose of Sustainability

Managing pharmaceutical waste is challenging. Managing it securely and sustainably is even tougher, especially when customer confidence is at stake. See what Fareva, a global contract manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, did to effectively manage their waste without skipping a beat.


Discovering Value Beyond Disposal

Even after the best reduction, reuse and recycling efforts, companies and communities can still struggle to eliminate the last of their waste. But does that mean those materials have to go to waste in a landfill?


Pharmaceutical Waste: The High Cost of Non-Compliance

Pharmaceuticals help improve health and save lives, but pharmaceutical waste is an entirely different matter. In fact, it's a huge liability to human and environmental wellbeing, and in turn, a costly ordeal for businesses that mismanage it.


Clearing the Air: Is Waste-to-Energy Cleaner than Coal?

Climate change is a global concern that has governments, industries and communities searching for ways to produce the energy the world needs while minimizing environmental impact. How does Waste-to-Energy fit in? How does it stack up against traditional power sources?


How to help your organization advance its recycling efforts

Despite the many recycling challenges that permeate supply chains across the globe, the pressure on businesses to maintain and grow sustainable waste management programs that support recycling efforts isn’t letting up. Learn how to reinforce recycling efforts within your organization and investigate new solutions.


Waste-to-Energy vs. Landfill: Which Will Produce Less Greenhouse Gas?

After reducing, re-using and recycling waste, two options remain for what is left: Waste-to-Energy and landfill. The climate impact depends on what we choose. View this interactive animation to learn more.


Waste and Climate: Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

When it comes to addressing climate change, we normally think of carbon pollution from power plants, cars, and heating our homes and businesses. However, how we manage materials and waste has a big impact on the climate.

Case Study

Brewer Science: Small Devices, Big Impacts

Today, everything from phones to televisions contain microelectronics—small electronic designs and components that can release heavy metals capable of contaminating soils and waterways when sent to landfills. See what Brewer Science, a global leader in microelectronics manufacturing, did to bolster their sustainability and ensure that never happens.


Covanta Blog

The latest updates and thought leadership from Covanta about Waste-to-Energy, sustainability, climate change, environmental justice and other timely issues.


Zero-Waste-to-Landfill: Why Verification Is Worth it

Zero waste-to-landfill is an achievable goal to divert 100% of the waste produced by companies and communities away from landfills. Third-party verification provides added credibility and assurance in the marketplace that you’re doing what you claim to be doing.

Case Study

Eliminating Pharmaceutical Risk

Pharmaceutical companies make products that don’t always make their way to the consumer. These products must be destroyed in a safe, compliant way to protect your business from the liabilities and the heavy costs that come with them. Find out how a major pharmaceutical company removed the risk from their waste.


Sustainable Waste Disposal Delivers Top- and Bottom-Line Benefits

How organizations manage waste can affect the environment, as well as their own financial health. This has been true for a while. What’s different today is the growing urgency around climate protection that is upping pressure for environmental accountability in all business decisions. Now, more than ever, having the right waste partner can be the difference between success and failure.

Case Study

Subaru of America: A Drive to Zero Landfill

"Kaizen" is the Japanese term for continuous improvement—the philosophy of making small, progressive changes for the better. See how Subaru of America took that ideology to heart and teamed up with us to become sustainability leaders in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Case Study

SunnyD: Sustainability is Worth the Squeeze

Despite being only a mid-sized business, the beverage company known for its flagship SunnyD citrus punch has made huge strides in managing its waste. As a result, the organization has realized improved operations and significant savings, all while becoming a sustainability leader in the process—see what it was they did.

Case Study

American Airlines: Solving Liquid Waste

American Airlines is no stranger to the challenges of zero waste-to-landfill. After all, it's something they face regularly when readying their old plane wheels for recycling. See what measures they took to safely dispose of the waste their operations produce and earn themselves sustainable recognition throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Doing Well by Doing Good: How Zero Waste-to-Landfill Benefits Business and the Environment

Due to the mounting impacts of climate change, the pressure is on for companies to have more sustainable practices as investors, consumers and regulators are paying more attention than ever to what businesses are doing to minimize their waste generation and landfill disposal. A popular approach that many leaders are embracing to manage waste is zero waste-to-landfill.


5 Ways to Move Your Business Toward a Circular Economy

The value in pursuing a circular economy is becoming more apparent as markets shift with the climate, incentivizing businesses to make better use of their resources and mitigate the impacts of their operations on the environment. Interestingly enough, most businesses are closer than they think to meeting this goal—they just need the right direction.


5 Ways Secure Destruction Protects Your Brand

All businesses produce waste, and when that waste is too risky to reuse, recycle or landfill, secure destruction is their best bet. It’s the safest, most environmentally friendly disposal option that protects your brand and keeps operations running smoothly.


Climate Change Guide: How Better Waste Handling Drives Better Business

As the impacts of climate change close in on the planet, so too do the risks they pose to its economies, effectively shifting businesses toward more sustainable practices. Business leaders that act now and drive better waste and materials management within their own organizations may be able to make a swift and impactful difference.


Turning Sustainability Risk Into Opportunity

Sustainability is grabbing the attention of mainstream global business and economic leaders. As companies seek to manage risk and capitalize on opportunity, many are seeing climate change as a key area of focus.


Waste Impact Calculator

Switching to Waste-to-Energy (WTE) disposal can significantly reduce your organization's environmental footprint. Use our Waste Calculator to see the impressive difference you can make.


Liquid Waste Calculator

Water is a precious resource, and pretreatment is a key step in returning wastewater to the water cycle. Use our Liquid Waste Calculator to see just how much of a difference you can make.