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A Leader in Environmental Innovation

Building a safer, more sustainable world is no easy task. It’s why we are so dedicated to helping businesses embrace a circular economy, using our revolutionary technology and expertise to recover, recycle and reimagine waste for the benefit of tomorrow.

Covanta Environmental Solutions flag waving on blue sky above the tree line

7,000 +

tons of material de-packaged and recycled

90 Million +

gallons of wastewater recycled

22 Million +

tons of waste diverted from landfills

3,500 +

commercial clients


What Our Clients Say

"Prescription drug take back programs are critical to keeping these drugs off the streets and out of the wrong hands. Thanks to Covanta, the state has been provided a way to responsibly and safely dispose of these unwanted medications."

Greg Zoeller, Former Indiana Attorney General

“Our work with Covanta is very important to this city. We’re helping to establish a ‘green’ community.”

Thelma Latimer-Davis, American Airlines Manager

"We’ve seen value within our business from our partnership with Covanta – increased product quality, efficiency of the line and cost reductions."

Corrina Miller, Subaru Environmental Compliance Manager
Covanta Environmental Solutions employee shaking hands with customer