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Modern waste requires modern disposal to keep you and the environment safe

As technology continues to take larger roles in our day-to-day lives, the waste it produces becomes an ever-growing problem that requires modern disposal options. Rather than sending electronic waste (e-waste) to a landfill, we'll recycle its resources, prevent its toxic materials from damaging the environment and eliminate any risk its data poses to you or your business.

Every year, Covanta Environmental Solutions, through its ECOvanta business line, works with businesses and communities to manage more than 15 million pounds of electronic waste destined for landfills and instead put their resources to good use. Through our services we: 

  • Recycle or reuse approximately 95 percent of electronic waste materials, including plastics and metals 
  • Manage and securely destroy sensitive and high-risk materials through mechanical shredding that renders them completely unrecoverable
  • Prevent toxic components such as mercury, lead, cadmium, barium and lithium from entering the environment through landfills where they can harm human and animal health

a CES e-waste facility in Philadelphia, PA works to recycle electronic materialsOur services include:

  • Electronics recycling for end of life devices 
  • IT Asset Disposition services for reusable equipment (wipe, refurbish, resell laptops, monitors, etc.) 
  • Legislative compliance – Fulfillment of state-mandated electronics EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) obligations for electronic manufacturers
  • Mail-back e-recycling programs for OEM partners 
  • Secure shredding of data-sensitive devices, including hard drives
  • Brand protection – de-packaging and destruction of store returns and unsold inventory 
  • Hauling and logistics

We also offer solutions for safe disposal of universal waste.

100 million

Pounds of e-waste recycled

We accept a wide variety of e-waste materials, including but not limited to: 

  • Audio and video equipment, radios, cameras  Electronic toys and games 
  • Computer and video game equipment
  • Television monitors, display devices and peripherals 
  • Personal devices (cell phones, pagers, MP3 players, portable CD players) 
  • Fax Machines, copy machines and other office equipment 
  • Home environment appliances (humidifiers, electric heaters) 
  • Small household electronics (toasters, blenders, microwaves, vacuums) 
  • Voting machines   

Additionally, we offer several collection options and full transparency, so you can track, witness and certify the recycling or destruction of any waste we handle, ensuring that both you and the environment remain protected.

CertificationsE-stewards logo certifiedNAID AAA Certified logo    

Our electronic waste recycling facility, ECOvanta, LLC, located at 2209 S. 58th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143, holds e-Stewards, NAID "AAA", ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, which signify that we adhere to the cleanest, most globally responsible standards for e-waste recycling while protecting confidential data. We also audit all of our downstream recycling partners to make sure they follow our standards for sustainable management of electronics.

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