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Secure Disposal

Some waste requires the ultimate discretion. Whether it’s personal data, intellectual property or outdated products, we’ll safely manage your sensitive materials every step of the way, ensuring secure disposal that is transparent, confidential and cost-effective.

A process made for peace of mind

With secure destruction, your products and materials are completely destroyed through a state-of-the-art process that is monitored and witnessed. This ensures these items don’t get into places they shouldn’t be, such as the marketplace, ecosystems or communities, protecting your brand as well as people and the planet.

Eliminating an array of materials with care

  • Consumer packaged products identified as “not to be sold”
  • Unwanted inventory
  • Sensitive and classified materials, including paper documents
  • Prototypes, research and development materials and retained samples
  • Contraband and counterfeit materials
  • Textiles
  • Non-hazardous special waste
  • Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical waste

Services that safeguard your brand and the public

We have the expertise to eradicate sensitive waste unique to specific industries, and we use our established partnerships to ensure regulatory compliance for timely approvals.

Reverse distribution

Service that is fully licensed and backed by strong industry and regulatory partnerships

Certified destruction

Options include monitored handling, witnessed and recorded disposal and certificates of destruction for confidence and transparency

Confidential data capture and care

Discreet and reliable service, including transparent tracking, reporting, and insights, to give you clarity while protecting your brand

Product recall solutions

Destruction processes that ensure compliance with FDA, DEA, federal, state, provincial and other regulatory agency requirements

Did you know?

Defective product incidents have cost more than $2 billion in insured losses over the past five years, according to global risk management company Allianz, with the average cost of a significant incident more than $12 million. Our services mitigate this financial risk.

Benefiting the well-being of business, people and beyond

  • Compliance-TEAL


    Waste is thoughtfully and thoroughly managed and documented in accordance with regulations and your internal auditing requirements, preventing violations that impede strategies, halt operations and revoke licensing.

  • Assurance-TEAL


    Waste is diligently and discreetly rendered unrecoverable, mitigating liabilities that compromise privacy, expose intellectual property and impact brand reputation.

  • Safety-TEAL


    Waste is carefully and completely destroyed, diverting hazards that harm ecosystems, threaten communities and negatively impact plant, animal and human health.

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